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Production base: no.359, Huaihe West Road, Huaiyin District, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province
Administrative center: 5-101, Juyi capital, Huaihai West Road, qingjiangpu District, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province
Mob£º15061219868 13094924989
Corporate culture

Enterprise tenet: prosper with science and technology, create brand with quality, operate with integrity, pursue extraordinary

Enterprise philosophy: talent is the foundation of the enterprise, management is the cornerstone of the enterprise; innovation is the soul of the enterprise, integrity is the criterion of the enterprise.

Service tenet: wholeheartedly provide users with high quality service and qualified products

Enterprise spirit: sincere unity, resolute development, striving for strength, advancing with the times

Enterprise slogan: facing the future and surpassing forever

Quality concept: no one has me, others have me

Humanism: family affection and harmony

Marketing concept: delimit, deeply cultivate and take root

Enterprise policy: professional, dedicated, dedicated

The concept of employment: not stick to one pattern, only be able to do

Innovation concept: mechanism innovation, management innovation, science and technology innovation, marketing innovation

Business philosophy: social satisfaction, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction

Management philosophy: service, cooperation and unity

Professional quality: dedication, happiness, sincerity and dedication

Business strategy: adhere to science and technology, specialization and internationalization

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